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Cool Food

July 30, 2006

Contrary to what many believe, it does get quite hot in Toronto during the summer.  Ways to beat the heat are deeply embedded into our genetic makeup, and often they involve cool drinks and a bit of shade in the outdoors.  That’s my favourite way, anyway.  And so with another hot weekend, Ross and I sat outside and read peacefully while taking sips of icy vodka-based drinks of white cranberry and peach juices.

Our snack was light and fresh, cucumbers meant for pickling that we’d picked up at the St. Lawrence Market that morning, sliced thinly and doused generously with white vinegar, lemon juice and coarse black pepper.

We’d learned about this from someone who was quite drunk at a pub on St. Patrick’s day, who was from Greece, and was quite surprised that nobody served anything like this here during the summer months.  Paired with beer, these cukes are definately refreshing and are quite portable for picnics or lunches at work.