June 11, 2006

I'm fascinated by Chinatown's bustle and ability to bring those who want something Dominion just can't sell regularly to those of us who are brave enough to explore.  And I'm getting a little bit more brave, week by week.  This is a dragonfruit.  A flower from a cactus also known as pitaya or Thang Loy.  I took a chance with this, since I had no idea what it actually was after passing it for weeks and its price was not really condusive to casual sampling ($4/piece) but I think now that I've tried it, I'd be interested in doing more with it in the near future.


Beyond its bold, defensive shell, the dragonfruit is quite soft and delicate inside.  Its flesh is very faintly sweet but its texture is similar to what you'd expect from a fig or a ripe kiwi fruit with lots of tiny seeds that pop when you eat them.  Articles indicate that it is fermented into wine, or made into ice cream, which paired with a very light syrup, I believe could be quite delicious.  If only I had the means to make ice cream!


One Response to “Dragonfruit”

  1. torontofood Says:

    I had dragonfruit for the first time a few years ago and I have to say I was disappointed. More showy and not so tasty. Too subtle for my taste!

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