Cool Salad Rolls

June 6, 2006

A recent obsession with the local Thai joint near my office has had me thinking more and more about the way I can recreate their recipes for a fraction of the cost they charge.  And so, after work last Friday afternoon I ventured up the road to Chinatown.  The shops on Spadina accept cash only, which I suppose is why their prices are so low and I'm certainly not complaining;  The $10 in my pocket bought me enough noodles, rice wrappers and produce to last us a while.

Ross and I made cold salad rolls that night as I was on-call and knew I wouldn't be able to gobble up a hot meal in one shot. We soaked rice wrappers in water, filled them with red pepper, cucumber, tofu, chicken breast, coriander, glass noodles and dipped them in a yummy sauce composed of soy sauce, wine vinegar, some peanut oil we'd infused with Thai chiles, a touch of fish sauce and garlic.   

Salad Roll 

I imagine that I'll be up to a lot more of this sort of thing this summer while the weather's hotter than Jesus' balls.


One Response to “Cool Salad Rolls”

  1. Sylvie Says:

    I’ve been looking all over the internet in search of a simple question. HOW LONG CAN YOU KEEP SALAD ROLLS IN THE FRIDGE if the ingredients are all vegetable? I read one recipe that says it’s a disaster if you store them in the fridge.



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